JKLname is an indispensable tool for students taking Chinese as a foreign language in high school or university.


If you want to be able to read a Chinese newspaper or write a contract in Chinese, you have to know essential vocabulary and prose. And the only way to do that is by doing lots of reading.


But as you read, you will encounter characters and phrases you don’t know, and have to stop, look up the meaning, then continue. Chinese character dictionary lookup is slow because some Chinese characters (actually, a lot of them) have no systematic way of looking up.


Which is why you need JKLname.


Using a palette of strokes and radicals, you pick out a character’s components as if writing the character. For example, clicking a, d, fangle, spells out“”. That sounds simple, but onlyJKLname can do this well because our patent pending technology shows only the components you need and nothing else, making the parts selection easy.




Once you spelled out a character, its pronunciation and meaning is shown. So you can quickly find the meaning of anything you read and keep reading, without interruptive and time consuming dictionary lookup.


JKLname can help you learn Chinese in many ways:


Learn to speak

Learn to write



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